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Pro packaging services is focused in providing you the best and most cost effective Company Registration services.

Prestige Company Package

£ 90

Unique office address
Prestige package is the first step for your company to be successful and let us ensure you that not many companies in UK are providing unique office service.

Shared Package

£ 00

Shared office address
Shared Package (shared office address) is the best way for smaller businesses to establish their companies and at the same time your privacy will not be affected.

Pro Packaging Solutions is a UK based company with its core focus on assisting non-UK businesses to set-up their own company enabling trading in the UK.
We provide support to businesses allowing them to create a professional UK brand presence including company and tax registrations in the UK.
Our services range from marketing and sales, to product sourcing and dispatching. We also specialise in packaging services and cover end to end consumer supply chain management solutions. We address all your business service needs in relation to ventures in the UK.
We have vast experience in small to large projects in providing solutions for fashion retailing through e-commerce, delivering timely solutions and efficient service for your end customer.

Pro Psl Mission and Vision

To inspire and implement innovative solutions to empower overseas business to build a successful, competitive marketing and sales platform in the UK and achieve more
Your success is Our success
We never compromise in quality or service
To stimulate and build our customer base with growth opportunities and a world class service that delivers time and time again

Business Administration in UK
  • Account set-up with leading e-commerce companies.
  • Paypal account.
  • UK Sim card with free credit.
  • Personalize Email address and web domain.
  • Assistance with setting up payment channels.
  • Virtual Business Bank Account.

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our team

Team Members

Umer Zia

Marketing Director Pro PSL

Salman Aftab

Finance Director Pro PSL

Rehan Gul Khan

Sales Director Pro PSL

Why Choose Us?

For clients with specific packaging requirements we offer a bespoke design service customising cost-effective solutions utilising our vast experience. It’s a challenge we embrace, yet remain open to new ideas.
For customers wishing to break through to the UK market our dedicated marketing team are able to explore potential avenues and market penetration opportunities for online distribution channels (including storage facilities) and our sales team can ensure service solutions to support this.

Packaging Format
Our warehouse stocks a range of packaging products to meet our client’s requirements including boxes, carrier bags, accessories, folder cases
Our Speciality
We have vast experience on small and large projects in providing solutions for fashion retailing through e-commerce, delivering timely solutions and efficient service for your end customer.
Storage Facility
We also offer a storage service for those clients with limited space. We also offer a storage service for those clients with limited space.
We Offer wide variety of Web Development Services

Let's Build Your Website!


Pro Packaging Solutions will enable you to work with UK based e-commerce businesses to facilitate trading of your products.

Emilia Clarke
Director Cable and Devices
Director Cable and Devices UK LTD
"I would like to thank all the team at Pro Packaging Solutions for their outstanding services to our company. PPSL have been excellent at responding to all our client needs and went above and beyond the call of duty to deliver services on time. It is truly refreshing to work with a company who puts into action the ``can do`` attitude many just talk about!”
Emilia Clarke
CEO J&P Fresh
“After doing business with Pro Packaging Solutions I can honestly say it was a great decision. We put our trust in you and you delivered – keeping our packaging and delivery process efficient, our clients well supplied and our costs down. We are looking forward to working with you for many years to come.”
Emilia Clarke
Director Oakwood Forest
Director Oakwood Forest LTD
“We just got our orders processed and delivered today..…thank you for helping us get it all together and making it another successful run. You are very competitive and easy to work with. This was our fourth time working with Pro Packaging Solutions and I couldn’t be happier with your services”.

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